Travelling with a valid ticket

You must purchase a ticket either before the journey or immediately after getting on the bus.

  • Charge for travelling without a valid ticket: CHF 100
  • Charge for travelling with a partially valid ticket: CHF 75
  • Invoice fee for ticket surcharge: CHF 20
  • Late presentation of travelcard: CHF 5
  • Replacement of damaged travelcard: CHF 30
  • Replacement of lost annual travelcard: CHF 30
  • Improper use of ticket: CHF 100
  • Abusive behaviour: CHF 100
  • Falsification of a ticket: CHF 200
  • Additional administrative costs: charged according to time required

In contrast to personal travelcards, tickets that do not feature the customer’s name (e.g. single tickets, multitickets, day travelcards, multiticket day travelcards) may not be presented retrospectively.

An application for review of a ticket surcharge should be submitted within 10 days. Additional work incurred by a late application will be invoiced.